Corrosion monitoring

For heating and cooling systems.

Be warned in time and avoid the harmful effects of internal corrosion. Prevention is better than the cure.

What is Risycor?

  • Risycor monitors preventively detects corrosion in heating and/or cooling systems.
  • The monitors have a logger that records the corrosion rate over time and warns in case of inadmissible values.
  • The memory of the logger can be read out via our free software, which makes it possible to analyse the collected data

How does Risycor work?

Based on an electromagnetic principle as used in proximity switches, Risycor measures the mass loss of a 50μm iron coupon with very high accuracy. This method of measuring uniform corrosion in the system has been registered under patent number EP2081009 (B1).

  • Each corrosion monitor contains a probe which ends on a metal coupon. The coupon is placed in the water stream, where it may corrode. The degree of its oxidation represents the level of uniform corrosion throughout the system.
  • The measurement of the corrosion rate is performed continuously, and stored in Risycor’s memory. The results -intensity and time of corrosion- can be consulted via Resus Dashboard.
  • An alarm alerts in case of inadmissible values or defects. It can be connected to a building management system via an integrated volt-free contact.


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