Rainwater collection

To avoid  water scarcity and droughts, and therefore tackling the climate change , Europe’s first priority is to move towards a water-efficient and water-saving economy.

One of the initiatives is to harvest rainwater and the reuse of “grey water”. You can even earn the EU Ecolabel and benefit from incentives by reducing your  environmental impact.

Unfortunately , the atmosphere contains CO2, NOx and SO2 and makes the rain slightly acid.

On top of that, rainwater and surface water is not sterile and contains spores of coliform bacteria such as E. Coli (Escherichia bacteria). This is an indicator of contamination with fecal material and initiates bacterial colonization and unhealthy and smelly water.

We can contribute by :

  • removing algae and bacteria growth in the open-storage reservoirs or ponds
  • removing the biofilm (feeding ground of bacteria) in piping systems and on tankwalls.

Since the average lifespan of a bacteria is between 12 minutes and 12 hours, they will die-off and disappear within days.

Watertreatment and biofilm prevention

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