We are continuously testing and improving our systems with the help of known partners in the shipping industry.

Applications in the maritime sector include:

  • Protection against bio-fouling and scaling of heat exchangers:
    • box coolers
    • tube coolers
    • plate coolers
  • Treatment of sanitary water systems (tanks, pipes, calorifiers)
  • Protection of internal and external marine structures against:
    • reduction of bacteria growth (i.e. Legionella pneumophilia, E. Coli, ..) in cooling or sanitary waters
    • Increasing efficiency in membrane filtration and desalination plants (optimalising flux and MTBF)
    • Reducing BWT chemical usage and byproducts
    • Fuel tank and filter treatment against the diesel bacteria. (avoiding slime/sludge formation and clogging in injectors)
    • Enhancing active coal filtration to improve adsorption.

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