Maritech is a Belgian techno-starter using ecological and innovative techniques to prevent and remove biofilm formation and related contaminants.

To meet these goals, they always strive to use techniques that:

  • are environmentally friendly and reduce or eliminate the use of chemicals.
  • applicable without dismantling or stopping the installation (CIP)
  • are continuously active and improve the MTBF
  • are both curative and preventive


The main objective of this Interreg assisted project is the optimization of existing low-power ultrasound techniques to remove biofouling in a cost effective and commercially viable way.  Specifically, this involves tanks, coolers, sea-chests, ships hull’s and other maritime structures.

Biofouling is a contamination that occurs due to systematically accumulating bio-film with the result of mineral scaling and the growth of all kinds of micro-organisms.

The project consists of a study of existing structures and installations on an available commercial vessel. This is followed by the installation of a proper and still tunable US system.

The effects will be monitored during commercial operation of the vessel.

Parallel to these tests, measurements are done ashore with several experimental trials to learn and further improve the technology.

More information about this sponsored program you can find at:

Watertreatment and biofilm prevention