Animal repellents

These devices are made for habitat modification and to repel nuisance wildlife like rodents, birds, pests, etc.

Opposed to most other methods, the animals are not suddenly chased. The Trisonic creates an atmosphere that makes it impossible for certain (mostly non-domesticated) animals to stay for a long time in the active field of the device.

Depending on the kind of animal and the nature of the environment, the animals will disappear after a few days or weeks.

Squirrels and foxes disappear immediately, rabbits and black/brown rats will disappear after a few weeks. Pigs and cows experience no burden.

The first weeks the Trisonic must be active day and night.

The electronics box contains a 6-position switch that allows the choice of the

frequency best suited to the animal you wish to chase.

This device can be used for large outside areas (up to 1 hectare) and confined spaces like feedstock storage, food processing and handling, industrial bakeries and kitchens, etc…

The Pestsonic is an industrial device that chases little mammals inexorably.

A series of (ultra)sonic signals ensure that virtually all small, non-domesticated, mammals disappear in no time.

In confined  spaces it is operational up to at least 100 to 150 m².

Outdoors it definitely works up to 100 meters.
The system can be custom made and works excellent against  mice, bats, foxes,  seagulls, etc…

Pigs, cows, poultry etc. are not adversely impacted.

The BIRDYS device is placed at the bottom of a fish pond and prevents heron’s to steal your fish.

The electronics boxes are watertight and self-extinguishing.
The devices are simply plugged-in into a 230/110AC outlet.

The effective electric consumption is between round 20 watts. 

Watertreatment and biofilm prevention