No chemicals, no electricity, no magnets…

Only ultrafine oscillations from quantum physics are the solution!

In the early nineties, Klaus Wagner set to work and invented the Biosignal Water Treater.Klaus Wagner

After much hard work and effort, and during Mr Wagner’s many years of successful naturopathic practice, the Biosignal Water Treater was launched under the name Wellan2000®, at that time still under the company name IAB – Institute for Applied Bioenergetics.

After numerous field tests and intensive research practice in cooperation with other private institutes, the water treatment device was further developed.

Intro-Wellan Rings (ENG+NL)


Wellan 2000

How Wellan2000 Works

Wellan Information Brochure-China

Stopping Scale & Corrosion on Steam Boiler (Fire Tube Boiler) using Wellan 2000 – Wellan Synergy Inc

Performance Evaluation of Biosignal Ring for Reduction of Pollution Level in Diesel and Petrol Engines

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Movie: how it works (Telektron-IN)

Movie: how it works (Peter Davidson-US)

Other biosignal products derived from the original WELLAN concept