Probiotic Products

Where ultrasound devices cannot reach to protect or clean a surface or environment, probiotics, either in liquid or mist form, can offer a solution.

Probiotics or effective -micro-organisms are based on the concept of “friendly micro-organisms” as developed by Professor Teruo Higa (University of the Ryukyus in Okinawa, Japan)

It is possible to break-down (digest) or clean-up  contaminations like:

  • pathogens (like bacteria, fungi and viruses)
  • natural greases and (heavy)oils
  • algae, moss, moulds, fungi, gelatines
  • lime (Calcium Carbonate or Oxalate) scaling
  • surface corrosion and rust
  • cement scale

Air ducts in public spaces, houses and boats can also be cleaned, deodorized or disinfected with probiotic aerosol techniques.

On the other hand, probiotics can be used for bioremediation:

Here we use naturally occuring organisms to break down pollutants and convert them into less or non-toxic substances.

This technique can be used to clean-up (drinking)water and other polluted liquid masses and their containing surfaces.

All products, in liquid or gel form, are :

  • biologically degradable
  • non aggressive (mostly ph7)
  • non-flammable
  • non-volatile
  • foam forming or non-foaming as desired
  • naturally occurring and have not been genetically altered or engineered.

Use and disposal causes  no harm to the environment and the products are not considered a REACH compliant chemical.

For best performance we like to know your particular situation so we can offer the best price/quality solution.

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