Some studies and references:

MOLtechnology intro (Eng)


Cooling water treatment at KNG Rostock (GE)

Cooling water treatment at Proferro Belgium  2022(Eng)

Report watersolutions 2024

Potential for Biocide free operation of seawater coolers (like LNG regasification and windturbine cooling)

BVMW-publication- “Industrie-Know-how für zu Hause” (GE,2022)

World Sustainability Awards 2021 Winners Supplement

EUR-Lex – Best available techniques (BAT) conclusions… use of catalysts for the production of pulp, paper and board 

Presentation 20220729-Maritech                        MOLKAT-intro


Best Available Techniques (BAT) . Reference Document for the Production of Pulp, Paper and Board,  page117

Fouling PreventionMOL®LIK, sept2020 (Eng)

Cooling water treatment BAYER-Bitterfeld Germany (Eng)

Cooling systems water treatment (Eng)

INSPIREWATER: Innovative Solutions in the Process Industry (Eng)

Wasser in Rusland :  Different projects in Russia (German)

Mehr Leistung im Kühlturm Rostock, Wie sich Legionellen in Kühlanlagen minimieren lassen (Aug2020)(GE)(NL)

Mikrobiologisch einwandfrei 2020 (German)

Membrane Systems and water structures, Oct2019 (Eng)

Verbesserte Filterperformance mit katalysatische Wasserbehandlung (German 2019)

RO und MOLLIK, jun2019 (German)

How MOL improves your RO-performance (2018)

MOLLIK-Technologie in der Spülmaschine – VDI IngPost (dec2017)

Operating and Maintenance Manual MOLLIK Catalyst Module 2016 (Eng)

Operating and Maintenance Manual MOLLIK Vessel 2016 (Eng)

Some MOL-References, May2019 (Eng)

Case Studies : MerWaterDaysOSTWALD Aug2020 (German)

Air humidification and virsusses, May2020 (German)


Science Forum : Deutsch Wassertechnologien in Russland (German)

Berke-MOLLIK presentation (Eng)

Legionella Prevention, 2013 (German)

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Dr. Jürgen Koppe – Luftbefeuchtung und die Bedeutung für Corona, (G),2021

Cooling systems, VGB Würzburg, Sept2019 (German)

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Die MOL Katalysatortechnik GmbH stellt sich vor

How it works (Eng)


How MOL improves your RO-performance