„WELLAN® 2000“ , No chemicals, no electricity and no magnets.

Ultra-fine oscillations from the field of quantum physics is the solution!
Effective in both standing and fast-flowing water, stops rust and oxidation and frees pipes from biofilm.
We believe that receiving information on a product is essential before purchasing it and the following info will  help you decide: Even though this technology for improving the quality of water and
its effects are just starting to become more and more popular, its principles are already being applied in many other areas. You only need to look at computer technologies, magnetic stripes on credit cards, photography, CDs, etc. In fact, there are respected physicists working on creating a quantum computer as we speak.Manfred
Scientists want to take advantage of a liquid molecule‘s storage capacity (e.g., water), which to a certain extent is infinite. The function and effectiveness of WELLAN® 2000 has nothing to do with faith; this is a pioneering technology from the field
of quantum physics that has many interesting possibilities to offer. Our products have been proving this for years.
„WELLAN® 2000“ has been used effectively in many different ways,
in private homes and in industrial applications, for more than 20 years.

Thousands of very satisfied customers have come to know and
appreciate our unique technology. Our products are sold throughout all of Germany and the world.
WELLAN® 2000 has the right solution for many water problems related to biofilm and corrosion.

To date, the largest pipe that was ever fitted with WELLAN® 2000 had a diameter of 40“. But the fact that this water treatment device frees pipes and stops rust and oxidation is not the only benefit: „WELLAN® 2000“ also plays an important part in overcoming the environmental problems we face today.

The possibility to try the device yourself is a unique service offered by Wellan® and Maritech.


IAB, the Institute for Applied Bio-energetics.

It works!!!

As they say: „Seeing is believing“
Sincerely, Klaus Wagner

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