What’s It All About ?

We specialize in delivering the best cleaning solution for different types of contaminations :

  • on wet surfaces in piping systems, tanks, basins and even large ponds.
  • on semi or periodically dry surfaces
  • in the atmosphere of commercial and industrial buildings

Emphasis is on :

  • Ecologically acceptable methods
  • If possible both curative and preventive.
  • Avoid the use of chemicals

What this contamination usually comes down to is the formation of dynamic communities of surface-attached multi-species biofilm.

All liquids contain free floating (planktonic) micro-organisms  and have the tendency to initiate bio-fouling on their contact surfaces. What follows is the formation of a biofilm that again will attract and accumulate all kind of contaminants.

Until recently, biofilm could only be removed manually or with environmentally unfriendly surface acting agents (chemicals) and biocides.

Aside from their negative impact on the environment, they may damage the protective nano-layers on, for example,  Stainless Steel and Aluminium surfaces.

Now we have safer and more environmentally friendly methods like ultrasound and the application of “healthy” or “positive” micro-organisms.

Both methods have the advantage of being :

  • able  to clean thoroughly and even into cracks and pores. They also  bypass the survival strategies of certain bacteria (the so called habituation and sensory adaptation).
  • used as CIP (Cleaning In Place) thus eliminating downtime and disassembling of installations.

“Humans, animals and their environment request a change in mentality with regards to the use of biocides”

Biofilms are nutrient-rich layers (often slimy) and grow virtually everywhere and in almost any environment where there is a combination of :

  • moisture
  • nutrients
  • a man-made or natural surface (the substrate)

In addition, optimal acidity and temperatures  + stagnant water will even accelerate the growth.

For example, temperatures between 20 and 45°C already promote legionella growth while they proliferate best at temperatues between 32 and 35°C.

In particular, dead-legs or end pipes of emergency drench showers and sprinkler installations are vulnerable for this bacterial build-up.

Contrary to what many people think, even electropolished stainless steel surfaces can attract biofilm formation.

Picture Right : Stainless steel surface with contamination in the pores, A=1500x ( Source Dockweiler Nederland b.v. ),

Picture left : Polymicrobic biofilm grown on a stainless steel surface in a laboratory potable water biofilm reactor for 14 days, then stained and examined by epifluorescence microscopy. (source CDC,2002)

Even desalinated, demineralized and UPW (Ultra Pure Water) are prone for biofilm formation due to the presence of oligotrophs. (organism that can live in an environment that offers very low levels of nutrients)

On this website we concentrate on the applications where bacteria and/or perseverant biofilm formation is not desired due to economic, functional, esthetic or health reasons. (causing undesired smell, clogging, slimeformation, algal bloom, insulation, etc…)

The curative removal and prevention of scaling is done with well established Ultrasonic Technology.

In essence, we stop the binary fission (multiplication) of bacteria by causing vibration, stress and by removing their feeding ground. In addition, resonant frequencies can impair the vital membranes of cells and vacuoles.

The result is a reduced CFU figure (colony forming units) and thus a more sterile environment.

Where ultrasound cannot reach dry surfaces (no available Liquid-Solid Interface), elimination or conversion of a biofilm can also be done trough bioremediation using effective micro-organisms (EM) or probiotics.

We offer both off-the-shelf products as well as customized systems whereby the efficiency can be measured to optimize the results.

Maritech offers a wide range of innovative products and solutions designed with your needs in mind.

Usage ranges from tradtitional recreational and industrial applications to more pioneering and newly emerging fields.

We are proud to be at the forefront with exciting technologies to help and find  the solution you need.

Try us and find a solution that works for you!

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